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"Lexie Braverman knocks it out of the goddamn park from minute one."

                          -LONDON CITY NIGHTS

"The fearless Lexie Braverman plays Carlyle with such raw honesty that I believe her character’s delusions. (Braverman) delivers some of the finest work that I have seen in the Triangle this season."

- Dustin K. Britt, Triangle Arts and Entertainment

"A courageous and committed performance from Lexie Braverman."


"Lexie Braverman was disarmingly tender as an earnestly emotional college guy. In the InterAct production, It was enlightening. When Sensitive Guys goes up again I will be first in line, hoping for a cast as fine as this one!"- Rebecca Rendell


As reviewed by THEATRE IS EASY,

“As this play is a monologue, its strength depends on the performer, who must create this entire world alone onstage. Luckily, Lexie Braverman is up to the task, showcasing her impressive acting skills and effectively capturing the fragile emotional terrain of a young woman wronged by the world.”- DVJ 2017


An unusual and compelling script from Philip Ridley, paired with a knockout performance from Lexie Braverman, makes this a powerful show.- Adrienne Urbanski


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A Younger Theatre 

A View From the Gods- 4 out of 5 stars! 

London City Nights

Everything Theatre



..."the roaring success of the show hinges almost completely on the accomplished and mesmeric performance of Lexie Braverman."


"A strong ensemble of five plays all parts, deftly maneuvering between gendered roles, Braverman excels in her role showing just how whiny boys that age can be."- Jim Rutter


"Director Evrin Odcikin's fine cast switches ably from the nervous men to the women. Moments provide substance: when Tracy asks Jordan (Lexie Braverman) for a break from their relationship,"


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"Jordan (Lexie Braverman) is so determined to be sensitive that he just might punch you out if you hadn’t noticed,"- Margaret Darby


London City Nights

"...a gripping performative tapestry."

Everything Theatre

"...vivacious and charmingly candid."

Views From The Gods

"...Braverman's performance is spot on."


Wake Up Wake County! Thank you MediaPro Inc! 

"...a gripping performative tapestry... an accomplished and mesmeric performance"


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“Kaufman offers a fluid sense of structure. Director Evren Odcikin frames it elegantly. The five actors here—play multiple roles and genders. For the most part, they accomplish this with skill (Braverman especially)”- David Fox